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Oct 152014

Our Service Project is scheduled for Saturday, 10/25/14.

The homeowner, Roberta Garris is a single female living on social security disability.  She recently had hip replacement surgery.  She lives alone and during one of the storms this year, a tree limb fell on her house but her homeowner insurance company denied her claim indicating that the roof lacked proper maintenance – had holes and no damage resulted from the tree limb.

Ms. Garris has applied for emergency housing rehab assistance.  Her insurance company notified her that her insurance policy will be cancelled if she does not get her roof repaired by November 13th.  If the Rotary will assist with the removal of the tree limbs, the Bradford Pear tree, trim some other trees and remove the unfinished deck, etc. – this would decrease the cost and time to repair her roof.   Ms. Garris has some other repairs that need to be accomplished but we are addressing the roof replacement first.

This project is located in the Ramsey Acres neighborhood and the address is 1090 Oak Drive.

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