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Waves Of The Future – Teacher Flyer 2018

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Aug 072015


We hope that all Horry County Schools Administrators, fine arts teachers and students are looking forward to the 2018 Waves Performance, which will build on our success from previous years. Once again, Kraig McBroom will serve as Performance Director.   Diane DeVaughn Stokes will be our Masters of Ceremony.  We hope even more schools will prepare and submit YouTube videos of their performances for audition and e-mail the link to Scott Scrivner.

Our goal is to create a diversified program showcasing the talents of students of all ages from the entire county.  Funds which are raised will again go to the Fine Arts programs according to a formula developed by the school district, as well as to local and international charitable Rotary projects.

NOTE: due to time and space constraints, only Teachers, Participating Students, and Approved Chaperons are permitted to attend Dress Rehearsal.


Dec. 8                                    Deadline for Audition Video submitted to Scott Scrivner

Dec. 19                                  Chosen performances notified

Apr. 14   10AM                    Saturday full Dress Rehearsal at the Carolina Opry Theater

Apr. 15   4 PM                      Sixth Annual Waves at the Carolina Opry Theater


Submit Information – Participating Acts

Please refer to our website for interim updates:

Chicora Rotary Grant Application Form

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Jul 152015


Chicora Rotary Club has a long history of assisting the local community.

If you would like your non-profit organization to be considered for available funds, please click the link below to print the application.

Chicora Grant Application

Applications that are received are reviewed by our Board of Directors.  Below are a few basic guidelines that are used when considering applications:

  1. Is the request for a pressing need in the community that matches with the mission of Rotary International and our District?
  2. The maximum grant offered during a Rotary year is $1,000.
  3. Chicora Rotary does not offer grants to a single organization for consecutive years.  If you received a grant in the past 12 months you are not eligible during the current year.

Waves of the Future – 2018 LOGO Contest

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Jun 022015



The Chicora Rotary Club’s signature fundraising event is Waves of the Future, showcasing Fine Arts talents of children grades K-12th.  This event will raise money for Horry County Schools and the many community service projects Chicora Rotary funds each year.   In connection with this event, we are holding a contest for artwork which will be printed on all the t-shirts and programs sold at the event.  The winner will also be recognized by local media and receive prizes.  At the event we will have artwork on display and encourage the artists to be present and watch the show!  We also plan that the overall winner would attend the event and autograph t-shirts and programs.

Prizes include: $100 prize for the top logo selected in each of our three categories (Elementary, Middle School, High School).  A committee made up of Chicora Rotary members will make the final determination.

The artwork should ideally be designed for 8 ½ x 11 dimensions.  Vertical Logos are preferred.  The t-shirts will be printed in three (3) colors, so a design of three colors would be best.  The name of the event, Waves of the Future, and the Rotary Wheel should be incorporated into the design.  This year the special theme is the mission of Rotary International; the Eradication of Polio worldwide.





Please complete the form below, cut on the line, and tape securely to  the back of your artwork so it can be identified.  The deadline for submission is Feb. 1, 2018.  Please send entries via Inter Office mail to Scott Scrivner.

Good Luck!


Student Name                  _________________________________________________________________

Student Age                       _________________________________________________________________

School Name                     _________________________________________________________________

Teacher Name /phone     _________________________________________________________________

Teacher e-Mail                  _________________________________________________________________

Parent Name /phone       _________________________________________________________________

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