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History of Chicora Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach

Chicora Rotary Club was chartered on June 14, 1979 with 32 members. The new club was an off-spring of the Myrtle Beach Club which had reached the containing size of 150 members.

Adequate dining facilities, parking problems and classification availability were all factors leading to formation of the new organization. In addition, camaraderie and fellowship had become reduced because of the large membership. The idea of the new club had been discussed by several administrations, but it was in David Michaux’s term as president of Myrtle Beach Rotary that action was taken.

Jim Hackler served as the district governor’s representative for sponsoring the new club and Gene Anderson represented the Myrtle Beach Rotary Club. Lambo Schwartz, who would become 79-80 district governor, was also instrumental in forming Chicora Rotary. Charlie Hughes was the first Chicora President, followed by Dan Gray; both had been Myrtle Beach Rotarian’s. The name “Chicora” was chosen for its historical significance as the Indian name for this area in the 1500s. Local artist John Dietz designed the Indian symbol often used on club materials.

At first, the new club met at the Santa Maria Restaurant in the Caravelle Resort Hotel. It then switched to the Western Steer before moving to the Dunes Golf & Beach Club in 1983, which provides and impressive oceanfront setting and quality dining. In 1982, Chicora’s principal fundraiser the “Pancake Supper” was started at the suggestion of businessman James Arakas, Bill Hussey & Keith Compton. The initial recruitment effort of 1979 resulted in a youthful membership which is still characteristic of Chicora Rotary.

Chicora Rotary Club Presidents

1979-1980 Charlie Hughes

1980-1981 Dan Gray

1981-1982 Neil McCoy

1982-1983 Keith Compton

1983-1984 Ed Cooke

1984-1985 Bill Roberts

1985-1986 Tom Camp

1986-1987 Rhett Sansbury

1987-1988 Joe Hackler

1988-1989 Mike Hussey

1989-1990 Bill Hussey

1990-1991 Bill Fox

1991-1992 Harry McKnight

1992-1993 Frank Smith

1993-1994 Bill Gasque

1994-1995 Tom Moore

1995-1996 Marc Smith

1996-1997 Jill Griffith

1997-1998 Tom Harden

1998-1999 Judy Rodman

1999-2000 Cliff Tall

2000-2001 Betty Anne Mills

2001-2002 Bob Durant

2002-2003 Danny Macdonald

2003-2004 Richard Singleton

2004-2005 Jim McCrakin

2005-2006 Jeff Mense

2006-2007 Sandra Page

2007-2008 Peggy Van Veen

2008-2009 Paul Peeples

2009-2010 Lottie Menor

2010-2011 Bob Bellamy

2011-2012 Jeff Annas

2012-2013 Bill Greene

2013-2014 Rich Scott

2014-2015 Van Watts

2015-2016 Nicolle Gainey


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